OSCAR Project

The performance of materials in a wide array of device types – from light-emitting materials for displays, semiconducting compounds for transistors, light-absorbing materials for solar cells – is directly related to the way the atoms or molecules are arranged in the solid-state. A major hurdle to the discovery of new materials, is the complete lack of metrics to correlate the structure of a molecule with its likely solid-state order.

Organic Semiconductors by Computationally Accelerated Refinement (OSCAR) project aims to accelerate the development of new electronic and energy materials by developing computational models to predict solid-state order for a common class of high-performance materials.


OSCAR is funded through the generous support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF) program.

University of Kentucky: DMR 1627428
Princeton University: DMR 1627453
Wake Forest University: DMR 1627925


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